Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Is HAARP Safe?

10:16 the Public Relations fellow from HAARP says HAARP has such big effects on the Earth, then the Project Manager from HAARP says "nope, HAARP has no effect on the Earth."


We all generally want to feel "happy". But when you reflect on your life, when did your big spiritual growth spurts happen? Usually deep growth comes from hardship and strife, from those dark nights of the soul. I think many humans rob themselves of a rich life experience by succumbing to the assembly line of quick distractions and comforts- TV, gossip, scrolling social media, overeating, partying, alcohol, drugs, pornography... the multitude of balms we rub on ourselves, and they are plentiful. Left unaware, we become slaves to sense gratification.

I think it's crucial that we make ourselves present for life, all of it, rather than distract. We must understand why we're here in this human form, which is for spiritual realization, not just a happenstance universe explosion as Materialists would have you believe (and had me believe for a good portion of my life). In this way, you can reinterpret suffering and not be a captive to the finite material world, the body you're in, and what it's currently enduring. 

Hone your mind. Connect to the Divine through daily devotion. Build up a sanctuary in yourself. Fortify what is eternal in you.

Mark Lanegan's voice


Quick thought on Tucker Carlson

Tucker has a role in the continuation of the narrative and the red-blue divide and the fact that he's allowed to stay on mainstream media proves that. Look at all of the whistleblowers who are getting fired by the network left and right for [genuinely] speaking out (refer to Project Veritas), but Tucker's job remains secure. I think you can see the deceit in his eyes, personally. He has the eyes of a man who is acting, but that's a digression. It's Hegelian Dialectic at it's finest- so many half-truths from both parties--thesis / anti-thesis--while the synthesis gets missed.