Sunday, August 1, 2021

Arctic home in the Vedas?

 Very interesting theory I've come upon in my research on origins of Indo-European peoples. Here is a full Youtube playlist on the topic:

Origins of one's people

One of the most persistent and nagging interests of mine is Celtic culture, specifically the Druidic class, and, beyond that, the Indo-European peoples. Where did they come from? Who were they? The mainstream history narratives simply aren't true, whether due to manipulation or the fact that mainstream academic curriculum cannot keep up with the rate at which new information is now discovered, so the common "Celtic history" documentaries and books out there sadly just do not even skim the surface of who these people were. The Roman narrative painted pre-Christian European "pagans" as savages, beasts, ungodly men and women who needed saving. 

This, as well, is simply not true. But certainly paved the way for Abrahamic views to take over the European mind, transitioning a whole people away from Dharma, or universal natural law, altogether. But some of us remember, deep in our DNA, and will continue to resist and seek out Truth, on all topics.