Wednesday, August 18, 2021

The implications of this...


Ads in space

Traveling, and leaving eastern America in particular, has exposed me to vast landscapes and made me realize how very very important it is to be able to look far out across to a horizon, full of mystery and potential. This simple pleasure imparts something into the mind and the spirit that is crucial. In many parts of the world, where we've built up and built up, the night sky is one of the only last frontiers of this kind that people can gaze into, and ponder. 

Vastness is salient. And while the night sky we look into could be a myriad of things: a cloak, a shield, a mirage--basically maybe the night sky we're looking into isn't what we think it is, what we've been told, or nearly as understood as we might think-- despite, I still firmly believe that putting ads there is one of the most degenerate notions imaginable.