Saturday, August 28, 2021

Saturday, August 28, 2021

Our neighbor and her two kids ended up joining us for the hike yesterday afternoon. 

Our neighbor, Kerri, and her little girl, Revvie

Kerri, Eric, and Kerri's son, Rhett, leading the way.

Revvie, two years old, insisted the entire hike that I hold her- "I wanna hold Tiffy!" she would cry. To which I obliged, of course. It was a good workout, that's for sure. We hiked right past a cave that was accompanied by a very pungent odor in the general area- maybe a bear home. I've seen five bears in the last two weeks. Not sure if the inhabitant was inside, but after a couple of minutes observing, we went on our way so as not to try anybody's patience. 

The "bear cave" at Beth Lake, Okanogan National Forest

On the drive home, the light was heavenly, pouring across sections of the landscape, illuminating strips of forest and high blonde highlands.

Corkscrew Mountain, seen from Toroda Creek Rd.

This weekend is my once monthly 20-hour Ayurvedic intensive, so I've been indoors most of the day, attending that. Soon I'll be officially certified as an Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor.

I worked on some knitting- a hat for little Revvie. In a bit, I'll cast on my next project- a hat for Kerri. I plan to make the whole family a hat for their going away gifts, as they leave next week for Idaho. One hat down, three to go!

Revvie's hat, from Tiffy

Watching "Sourdough" tonight while bear backstrap (a gift from friends) cooks in the cast iron.