Monday, September 6, 2021

Very important to watch and grasp these history lessons



Here marks the beginning of my long-awaited sourdough experimenting! Thanks to a kind lady who was giving einkorn sourdough starter away at the local co-op last week, I brought some home and--so far!--have managed to keep it alive. Yesterday I experimented with my first loaf: a small rye loaf, no extra flours or ingredients, just straight old-fashioned dark rye with a little salt, water, and the starter. The result is a tangy, slightly nutty, ferment-y bread. I just had a piece with butter this morning and it's really good. I like knowing that if the proverbial poo ever hit the fan, as long as we had flour, salt, and water on hand, we'd be able to have fresh loaves of bread. Tip I learned: Put a baking sheet with water in the oven while baking, and your bread will have the perfect moistness to it.  Next, I want to master the Alaskan sourdough hotcake, the kind that Dick Proenneke made so often.