Sunday, September 12, 2021

Corrupt rulers in the Kali Yuga

The below paragraph is in response to watching this video about the Protocols of the Zionist Elders. 

As a Goy, but also one who understands the value of hierarchy and orderliness, I had mixed thoughts and feelings. I'm sure they [these "Chosen Ones" i.e. the rulers of the world, or- the most powerful folk among us] truly believe they are acting righteously and doing good. I know that I do not have a firm understanding of what they truly believe, so I don't want to be like the masses and write them off as torturers and murderers seeking only control. Though, categorically, they are seemingly these things. I know that even in the Perennial/Traditional wisdom I have studied and found to be True, such as in Evola's work, Guenon, Schuon, and so forth, I know that discussing these ideas with my modern-day peers is not something that can happen or ever be understood because of how steeped we are in the modern ideals of democracy, egalitarianism, and--at a base level-- simple Marxist programming. I believe it boils down to... that if they are Luciferians, if that is their spiritual/metaphysical doctrine, then I do not believe they have chosen the right path of transcendence, divinity, devotion or connection to God. Instead, I believe they are products of the rampant delusion of the Kali Yuga and modernity. Even classifying people as Goyim implies no recognition of a spiritual race, a hierarchy of the soul, which points to a material-based ignorance. Creating chaos and destruction would not be the way of a transcendent pontifex-style rule. Neither would intentionally confusing people and causing them to unlearn their ancient histories. In fact, the means being used to accomplish the ends are so far from Dharmic, so far from enlightened, and so steeped in materialism and ego that they could not possibly be the actions or decisions of any holy or sacred human minds.